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Nosebleed Simulation — Under Pressure with StopsBleeding™ Nosebleed Strips

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Nosebleed Strip Package of Twelve - $96.00
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Never Struggle With Nosebleeds Again

StopsBleeding™ Nosebleed Strips are an actual coagulant and are the fastest and most effective way to stop nosebleeds. They are the best solution to stop severe nosebleeds for patients on blood thinners, which can otherwise be fatal and certainly require significant time and medical attention to stop with conventional methods. Nosebleeds can be the most challenging bleeding to stop in an Emergency Room setting, and StopsBleeding™ Nosebleed Strips make this difficult task fast and easy in most cases. This is a more positive and more effective method than cauterizing. These strips infuse the technology of the StopsBleeding™ powder into a convenient and effective strip form. Apply the strip to the bleeding area, apply pressure, and hold until bleeding stops. Add more product if necessary.
  • The only product of its kind
  • Safe in the wound
  • Actually clots blood
  • Eliminate cauterization
  • Absolutely works for people on blood thinners
StopsBleeding™ is FDA cleared for over-the-counter use to the public. The FDA also cleared StopsBleeding™ for severe bleeding wounds by Rx Prescription.